Spring is around the corner and soon Treignac and the surrounding area will come out of hibernation! Having spent the last two years persuading people to come to Woodlands Cottage, this year I thought I would tell you why people come to the area and why many more would love it if I spread the word! Today I will talk about cycling. I know absolutely nothing about it but with the help of a couple of very good friends (guests) I have put some facts together.

Lets start with the fact that the Tour de France passed by the end of my road in 2014, and it 2016 it passed just 10kms away, surely testament to the appeal of the area to cyclists. The quiet roads of the Correze make for some fabulous road cycling. For the mountainbiker the area is criss-crossed with trails that go on forever.

For the Roadie The roads of the Correze are blissfully quiet and whether you are riding for pleasure or pain you’ll be spoilt for choice. For a flatter rolling ride stay high on the “Plateau de Millevaches”, while those looking to test their legs could try the deep valleys to the west. Long descents of 5 – 10 kms followed by equally long climbs with stunning scenery as the roads cling shelf like to the valley sides. Those looking for the extreme agony that only time trialling can bring might like to try the “Contre la Montre” circuit at St Augustin. This circuit was used for a stage of the Tour de France. It is clearly signposted and you’ll find information about fastest times near the start.

A training ride in the Correze

For the Mountainbiker – From easy beginners trails through to the toughest natural XC routes and more, the Correze has it all. You’ll find waynarked and graded circuits at Treignac where you’ll be able to tackle the trails on the Monédières, perhaps taking in a climb of Suc au May. There’s also a downhill track at Treignac VTT Centre, while Mountain Bike hire is available at Chamberet Treignac. Of course there’s no reason why you can’t just ride from the cottage door. There are literally more trails than you could ever ride in a lifetime, plus you won’t need to worry about taking a wrong turn. The chemins are for all, and MTBers are welcome.

High in the Monédières, Suc au May

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I hope this information will persuade you to take a look at the area, and I will always help with accommodation , if I can!